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Baltimore Criminal Attorney


Robbery is always charged as a felony crime, which means that you face the possibility of being put in state prison if convicted. If you have been named as a suspect in a robbery case, contact our office right away to discuss your case with a Boston criminal lawyer.

Robbery cases demand an expert level of criminal defense. Robbery charges can be filed in conjunction with other related charges depending on the details of the case. Armed robbery, for instance, can put you in prison for decades, especially if an offender has an extensive criminal history.

Our Baltimore Criminal Attorney Has Years of Experience

Our Baltimore lawyer has years of courtroom experience and knows his way around the legal system. He will work with you to build a strong defensive strategy for your case.

Our criminal defense practice areas include but are not limited to:

We always put our clients first. If you find yourself in need of a dependable criminal attorney in Baltimore, call today for a free initial attorney consultation.