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Baltimore DUI Sentencing Lawyer

A first-time DUI offender can face:

More specifically, a first-time DUI offender can be forced to pay up to $1,000 in fines as well as spend up to 1 year in jail. Sometimes a judge will also order DUI school and drug and alcohol counseling – all at the cost of the convicted offender. 

Should a case include aggravating factors, the penalties imposed will be even greater.  If you are caught drunk driving with a minor in your vehicle, with an extremely high BAC test result, or if you are involved in an auto accident, you could possibly face felony charges (especially in the case of a car accident).

Our Baltimore DUI lawyer has years of courtroom experience and knows his way around the legal system. He will work with you to build a strong defensive strategy for your case, even if it is difficult or complex. We always put our clients first and listen to their suggestions and their needs.  We have successfully defended clients against all types of DWI related charges, including cases involving drugs and felony DUI charges.

If you have found yourself in need of a dependable criminal lawyer in Baltimore for a DUI case, call today for a free initial attorney consultation.