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Baltimore Domestic Violence Attorney

A domestic violence charge is very serious. The consequences can be devastating. At the Baltimore Criminal Defender we have years of experience defending individuals against criminal charges like domestic violence. Our criminal lawyer is eager to put his knowledge and experience to work for you. We will defend your rights.

When faced with a domestic violence charge you need an attorney who has experience with this type of case. The process for this type of case many times involves mediation and involvement with social workers who hope to resolve the root of the problem. Domestic violence cases are even handled in a different court. There is a unique interaction that goes along with these types of cases. Our Baltimore criminal defender will work within the confines of the system to build a strong defense that is dedicated to protecting your rights.

The Baltimore Criminal Defender has experience in the following types of domestic violence: assault and battery, kidnapping, domestic abuse, harassment and stalking, child neglect, sexual assault, child endangerment, physical child abuse, and more.

We always put our client first. To make the interaction during the proceedings go as smooth as possible, the Baltimore criminal attorney wants you to be at ease to discuss your case. That is why our lawyer is available to you anytime with questions and concerns. Call today for a free initial attorney consultation.

Our criminal defense practice areas include but are not limited to:

Criminal Defense, Drug Crime, Sex Crime, Parole Violations, Domestic Violence, Theft, White Collar Crime, Juvenile Crime, Weapons Charges, Misdemeanors, Felony, Robbery, Murder, DUI, Violent Crime, Computer Crime, Embezzlement, Traffic, Violations, Probation Violations.

If you find yourself in need of a dependable criminal attorney in Baltimore, call today for a free initial attorney consultation. We always put our client first.

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