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Baltimore Repeat DUI Lawyer

A repeat DUI offender needs the help of a Baltimore criminal attorney – perhaps more than any other type of DUI offender. 

Maryland’s DUI penalties are incredibly harsh, but even more so for repeat offenders.  A second-time DUI offender faces:

Sometimes a judge will also order DUI school and drug and alcohol counseling – all at the cost of the convicted offender. If this is your third or fourth DUI charge, the penalties you face only increase.

Should a case include aggravating factors, the penalties imposed will be even greater.  If you are caught drunk driving with a minor in your vehicle, with an extremely high BAC test result, or if you are involved in an auto accident, you could possibly face felony charges (especially in the case of a car accident). 

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving in Baltimore, you are making the right decision by seeking out legal advice.  DUI charges in Baltimore without an attorney can completely disrupt an alleged offender’s life, even if they have never faced criminal charges before.

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