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Practice Areas

A Baltimore Criminal Defender is dedicated to tough and aggressive criminal defense. On special cases, we have teamed with one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the State of Maryland. This commitment to excellence has earned this firm a reputation of respect and integrity.

When you or someone close to you have been charged with a crime, the criminal lawyer you choose is the biggest and sometimes hardest decision to make. You need a lawyer with a proven track record of success in the courtroom. Baltimore Criminal Defender has tried and won cases ranging from DWI to minor intoxication. Our success in the courtroom has earned a solid reputation of being a tough criminal trial lawyer not afraid to take on the government. We have earned the respect of judges and prosecutors that give us an edge shared by few.

Our practice areas include but are not limited to: Criminal Defense, Drug Crime, Violent Crime, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence, Murder, Manslaughter, Sex Crime, Theft, Robbery, White Collar Crime, State and Federal Crimes, DUI/Traffic, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, DUI, DUI Sentencing, Underage Drinking and Felonies.

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